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Xiao, C. (author), Lin, H.-X. (author), Leeuwenburgh, O. (author), Heemink, A. (author)
History matching can play a key role in improving geological characterization and reducing the uncertainty of reservoir model predictions. Application of reservoir history matching is restricted by the huge computational cost by amongst others the many runs of the full model. Surrogate models with a reduced complexity are therefore used to...
article 2022
Romero, N. (author), van der Linden, K. (author), Morales EspaƱa, G.A. (author), de Weerdt, M.M. (author)
The power system is undergoing a significant change as it adapts to the intermittency and uncertainty from renewable generation. Flexibility from loads such as electric vehicles (EVs) can serve as reserves to sustain the supply-demand balance in the grid. Some reserve markets have rules for participation that are computationally challenging for...
article 2021
Barros, E.G.D. (author), van den Hof, P.M.J. (author), Jansen, J.D. (author)
The exploitation of subsurface hydrocarbon reservoirs is achieved through the control of production and injection wells (i.e., by prescribing time-varying pressures and flow rates) to create conditions that make the hydrocarbons trapped in the pores of the rock formation flow to the surface. The design of production strategies to exploit these...
article 2019