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Leeman, W.R. (author), Rouhani-Rankouhi, T. (author), Vogels, J. (author), Krul, L. (author)
Recently, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) stated that the Threshold of Toxicological Concern
article 2016
Kuper, C.F. (author), Vogels, J. (author), Kemmerling, J. (author), Fehlert, E. (author), Rühl‐Fehlert, C. (author), Vohr, H.W. (author), Krul, C. (author)
Data in a toxicity test are evaluated generally per parameter. Information on the response per animal in addition to per parameter can improve the evaluation of the results. The results from the six studies in rats, described in the paper by Kemmerling, J., Fehlert, E., Rühl-Fehlert, C., Kuper, C.F., Stropp, G., Vogels, J., Krul, C., Vohr, H.-W....
article 2015
van der Wielen, N. (author), van Avesaat, M. (author), de Wit, N.J.W. (author), Vogels, J.T.W.E. (author), Troost, F. (author), Masclee, A. (author), Koopmans, S.J. (author), van der Meulen, J. (author), Boekschoten, M.V. (author), Muller, M. (author), Hendriks, Henk F.J. (author), Witkamp, Renger F. (author), Meijerink, Jocelijn (author)
Introduction: Intestinal chemosensory receptors and transporters are able to detect food-derived molecules and are involved in the modulation of gut hormone release. Gut hormones play an important role in the regulation of food intake and the control of gastrointestinal functioning. This mechanism is often referred to as ‘‘nutrient sensing’’....
article 2014